June 2012

31 June 2012
A new publication by the World Bank is 'Migration and Remittances during the Financial Crisis and Beyond' >>.

29 June 2012
The Human Rights Council held general debates >> on Human Rights Bodies and Mechanisms and on the Universal Periodic Review.

28 June 2012
The International Organisation for Migration has published 'Global Migration Issues - Global Perspectives on Migration and Development' >>. The volume examines global migration and its implications for development, and explores strategies proposed by the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD).

28 June 2012
The OECD Health Data 2012 >> reports a reversal of the long-term trend of rapid increases in health spending, and links this to the economic crisis. A related study 'Public Sector Adjustments in Europe - Scope, Effects and Policy Issues' >> from the ILO is also available.

27 June 2012
The OECD published 'International Migration Outlook 2012' >>.

22 June 2012
The German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble announced >> efforts by a core group of EU countries to introduce a financial transaction tax. Apart from Germany, France, Italy and Spain were said to be behind the initiative. The revenues from such a tax should be used to wind down bad banks. Related opinions can be found at robinhoodtax.org >>.

21 June 2012
The World Bank published 'Nonfinancial Defined Contribution Pension Schemes in a Changing Pension World' >>.

20-22 June 2012
The Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development >>  took place in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The outcome document is entitled 'The Future we want >>. As part of the Rio+20 UN conference, the ILO together with UNEP and the IMF organised a meeting 'Decent Work and Social Protection Floors for Sustainable Development' >>. Trade Union activity is reported at the ITUC website >>. Background information can be found in GSP Digest 12.2>.
Related activities and information can be found at UNRISD >>, UN DESA >> and at Duncan Green's blog >>. The Civil Society Reflection Group published a report 'No Future Without Justice' >>.

13 June 2012
Brazil announced >> it might cap its contribution to the IMF if emerging markets are not given more say at the international table.

13 June 2012
The Center for Global Development provides an event video 'Improving Health in Developing Countries' >>.

7 June 2012
UN DESA published an mid-2012 Update >> of its World Economic Situation and Prospects report, demanding that "countries need to shift away from self-defeating fiscal austerity and towards a renewed stimulus, which provides support to weak global demand.

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